Claustrophobic? Newport Diagnostic Center offers the most relaxing MRI experience available.

I.V. Versed Sedation

What is I.V. Sedation?

At Newport Diagnostic Center, I.V. Sedation is medication given to patients to help them relax and minimize
any fear or anxiety during an MRI scan. Prior to the scan, the Board Certified Physician will put you into a
very light twilight sleep. The patient is monitored by the Physician during the MRI study.

What Medications are used?

Versed is given to help you relax in I.V. form.

How do | prepare for I.V. Sedation?

You should:

  • Make arrangements to have someone drive you home after the MRI because you will have taken
  • Dress in comfortable clothing that has no metal detailing (no metal snaps, zippers, jewelry, etc.). Wearing
    sweatshirts and sweatpants is suggested.

How will | feel after the MRI scan?

Most patients are awake, alert, and ready for discharge immediately after the MRI scan is completed.

There are usually no lasting effects from the medication after awakening. Some patients may continue to feel drowsy throughout the day. This side effect should last only a short time.

Will there be a doctor present?

There will always be a Board Certified Physician present throughout I.V. Sedation.

If you have additional questions about the MRI study or any of the information needed above, please
contact us at 949-467-3100.

Please note that a Newport Diagnostic Center Physician is administering the sedation and will be sending you a bill for their services. If you have any questions regarding insurance coverage, please contact the NDC Billing Office before your appointment at (855) 889-5505 or (888) 993-4992 after your appointment.


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